Monday, March 22, 2010

i'm breathing

I'm breathing like a robot in and out
I'm walking to you like it was programed in me
I'm speaking like it's so easy like there is no emotion involved
I'm lying like an expert like I've been doing this my whole life

I'm crying now that all the guest have left
I'm dieing roting from the inside out
I'm laying on the floor my legs useless bones
I'm congratulating you aren't you just the best damn thing there ever was

I'm smiling like a happy person should
I'm laughing like jokes are still funny to me
I'm here like that is enough for all you people
I'm pretending like it's the best thing but what would I know

I'm opening my eyes like looking at you doesn't kill me
I'm moving like I get up every morning so easily
I'm hearing my heart beating like it's not burning a hole in my chest
I'm breathing what else can I do